Breaking News!

    Nigel has now secured teaching space to be able to run courses for adults who would like to try their hand in a variety of techniques.  Click here to register interest.




Nigel's work is currently being displayed at the Booth House Gallery, Holmfirth; Three Acres Inn & Restaurant, Emley Moor; and Farmer's Boy Restaurant, Shepley.


You can also view some of his pieces, by appointment, at his Studio in Shepley.


Forthcoming events and shows include Hornsea Ceramics Festival - April 2018, Cliffe House Art&theHouse - 9/10th June 2018, Underneath the Stars Festival - July 2018, Holmfirth Art Week - July 2018, Potfest in the Pens - August 3/4/5th 2018, Art at the Altar - November 2018 and Cliffe House Christmas Faye - November 2018.



"The Souq II" - panel for sale £250
Goblet on sale in Homewares at £19.99
Green vase from the Homeware collection
Medium fruit bowl on sale in Homewares for £35
Blue teapot on sale in Homewares in three sizes
Small vase on sale in Homewares
Large blue vase on sale in Large Vessels
Medium planter on sale in Homewares for £34.50
Victoria II Tryptic on sale in Panels for £700